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Posted: 15 Nov 2004

I can share the printer via samba to a Windows XP vm which is running on my suse 9.2 box. But the suse 9.2 box itself cannot see the cups server. I don't know if this is client or server configuration, and I've never used cups. What should I be looking for?

See http://support.novell.com/techcenter/sdb/en/2004/05/jsmeix_print-cups-in-a-nutshell.html. Please note that since 9.2 a package-filtering firewall is enabled by default, see /usr/share/doc/release-notes/RELEASE-NOTES.en.html

By default the firewall blocks all incomming IPP browsing information (via UDP port 631) so that a cupsd on a 9.2 system cannot notice IPP browsing information which was broadcasted by remote CUPS servers.

A great link for general printing information is http://support.novell.com/techcenter/sdb/en/2004/05/jsmeix_print-cups-in-a-nutshell.html

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