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How do I update an old version of NLD to NLD Gold without reinstalling?

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Posted: 23 Nov 2004

I?have?a?laptop?that?was?preinstalled?with?one?of?the?internal?beta?NLD. I?always?kept?it?updated?using?the?RedCarpet?channels. I?am?wondering?whether?my?system?is?now?in?an?identical?state?to?the?NLD gold,?i.e.?compared?to?a?fresh?install?from?the?CDs?

Here are a couple of suggestions to upgrade:

  • Grab the latest release NLD and burn it to DVD
  • Change the installation source to only point to the DVD drive
  • Run YaST software update, which will most likely indentify about 650 packages for update.
  • Let it run to completion and reboot

That should do the trick to get you completely up-to-date.

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