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Partner Solutions
Maintenance and Repair
Products: At Your Service Maintenance and Repair Centre
Product Info: http://www.ayssoftware.com

At Your Service Maintenance and Repair Centre is a complete software solution for repair shops, retail stores, and dealers that provide service and maintenance agreements or contract those services out. Each product feature was specifically designed to save your business time and money so that the software pays for itself over and over. At Your Service Maintenance and Repair Centre includes modules for customers, vendors, repair orders, sales invoices, credit notes, inventory, service codes, and purchase orders. The program is fully networked, supporting multiple users and locations as well as repair status tracking via the internet. At Your Service Maintenance and Repair Centre supports the Novell Small Business Suite by running the AYS database on the NetWare server, as well as using it as the means of record storage.

Products: EZ Maintenance
Product Info: http://www.ez-maintenance.com/

EZ Maintenance from Link It Software Corporation is a network/multi-user ready, Windows software product designed to schedule, track, keep histories of and produce work orders for all maintenance on any type of equipment or vehicle (including tires!). EZ Maintenance includes a step-by-step training video, making implementation a snap! The product also tracks costs, hours, and downtime for repairs. It includes over 80 reports and has available a link to Excel. EZ Maintenance allows for the use and creation of bar codes to track equipment and maintenance events. All modules for both equipment and vehicle maintenance are included. EZ Maintenance produces maintenance calendars and complete maintenance histories with all costs. Recurring maintenance can be scheduled for up to a year in advance. EZ Maintenance supports the Novell Small Business Suite by allowing the product to run natively on the suite's NetWare server and utilizing NetWare as the means of secure network storage, access, and printing.