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BrainStorm Cool Tip: Quickly Sending Items via Proxy

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Posted: 5 Aug 2004

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quickly sending items via proxy

The proxy feature is sometimes used to send items in the name of another co-worker who has granted you that right. Instead of switching accounts, composing the item, and switching back, here is an easier, much simpler, way to send items via proxy.

compose the item
  1. Create a new item while in your own GroupWise account.
  2. Click the From: button next to your name and choose the person for whom you are sending the item.

  3. You will notice that the name in the From: field has changed from your name to the name of the person you have chosen.

  4. Complete the item.
  5. Send it when you are done.

Note: In GroupWise 5.x and 6, step 2 is done by clicking on the Proxy person in the lower left corner and choosing the desired person.

Now, whenever you need to send an item for one of your co-workers, you can remain in your own GroupWise account. You only need to proxy over to their account when you need to view something (provided you have been granted those rights).

versions of GroupWise

This feature works in GroupWise 5.x and up.

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