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How to Create Reminder Notes for Birthdays

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By Pascal Seiler

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Posted: 5 Aug 2004


Creating reminder notes for birthdays.

There seems do be no easy way to make reminder notes for birthday reminders in GroupWise.


Creating a posted reminder using the formula tab within the auto-date function solves that problem.

  • Add the "New Note" Button to the toolbar.
    This gives you the possibility to create a posted reminder.

  • Create a new posted reminder
    • Click on "New Note" - "posted reminder" in the toolbar.
    • In the subject line enter the word "Birthday" and the name of the person you wish to be reminded at his/her birthday. For example, enter "Nora's birthday" in the subject line.
    • In the message body you can enter additional information such as the year of birth or whatever you like else.

  • Make the formula
    • Click on Tools - Auto-Date and then choose the formula tab.
    • Leave the start date as it is (current date) and set the end date to something that is behind the date you would expect your email system.
    • In the "Formula Text" field enter the birthday (for example August 11) as in this example:
    • 11 aug
    • Click ok followed by Post.

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