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BrainStorm Cool Tip: Enable Rule to Reply to Every Received Item

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Posted: 12 Aug 2004

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enable a rule to reply to every received item

When you are on vacation or out of the office, you can create a Rule that automatically replies to messages you receive, telling the recipient you are not available. In GroupWise 5.x, these replies were sent after every item received. In GroupWise 6, replies are only sent once to each sender.

For example: If Andy sends you six messages while you are on vacation, he would receive six reply messages, using GroupWise 5.x. With GroupWise 6 and higher, he only receives a reply after the first message he sends.

This change is intended to reduce the number of unneeded messages sent automatically. If you prefer having replies sent after every message received, simply define the rule conditions.

tell GroupWise to reply every time
  1. Click Tools | Rules.
  2. Click the New button to create a rule from scratch or Edit to modify an existing rule.
  3. Click the Define Conditions? button.
  4. If you already have items defined in the Define Conditions window, continue with step 4, otherwise, skip to step 5.

  5. At the end of all your existing conditions, click End and choose New Group.
  6. In the available drop menu, select Subject.

  7. In the available text box, type an *

  8. Click OK.
  9. Optional -- If you are making this rule from scratch, complete the rest of the rule.
  10. When you are done, Save the Rule and Close the Rules window.

versions of GroupWise

Since the change to GroupWise occurred at version 6, this rule applies to GroupWise 6 and up.

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