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Automatically Forward Messages with FROM: Showing as the Forwarder

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By Kathleen Canko

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Posted: 12 Aug 2004


Administrator tip: Our Board of Education wanted a public mailbox that would forward messages to each of the seven BOE members. I have my GW 6.5 GWIA configured to flat forward which forwards anything without text in the message body as if it is from the original sender not as an attachment from the forwarder.

When I created a rule to forward the messages, I purposely put in a subject and some text in the body of the forward message form (e.g., This is a forwarded message from XXX) so that it would send the message as an attachment and not flat forward. This is according to TID #10061487 which talks about how rule forwarding cannot do inline forwarding.

But, it did not work that way. The recipients received the forwarded messages as body text from original sender, not as an attachment from the forwarder. I needed a solution other than removing flat forwarding for everyone.


I worked around the issue by creating a mailbox just to trap the sender's information and to forward through, because the rule works differently with inline forwarding when the message does not pass through GWIA (the first time).

The messages forward to the internal forwarding mailbox which in turn forwards the message out the GWIA to the seven recipients.

That turns the processes around so that now when each receives these forwarded messages, FROM: lists the forwarder (Board of Education mailbox)so the messages to the BOE from the public are easily recognized and can be filtered into a folder to keep their personal mailboxes organized.

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