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Fix for D102 Ambiguous User Error after Moving User

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By Mari H

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Posted: 12 Aug 2004


D102 Ambiguous User GW6x (We are using GW6.5.2beta on our agents)

After user move some of our users can't log in to groupwise, the poa reported error message "D102 Ambiguous user".

I searched the Knowledgebase and tried some of the solutions there but none of them were quite up to date regarding GroupWise 6.5.

There is only one user with this object_id in our system.

I have renamed the user, userxxx.db, used GWCheck, deleted gateway alias and always with the same result, the user can not log in. At this state I usually just delete the user and create an new account but today I just didn't want to give up.


I renamed the userxxx.db to userxxx.bak. Deleted the GroupWise account waited a while and then used gwimport to import the user again, using the instructions in TID 2947468.

Tried to log in to the account, got a c05d error, renamed the userxxx.bak to userxxx.db again. The user can now log in and all his/hers mail are intact.

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