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Start GroupWise Monitor as a Service

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By Chris Turner

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Posted: 19 Aug 2004


I've seen many posts asking if you can start GroupWise monitor as a service, and all said NO..well, YOU CAN! With a little bit of work.


After your GroupWise Monitor is installed, create a NDS username and password that has access to the groupwise database. Set up this user account so that it can ONLY login from your GroupWise monitor workstation.

Then add autologin to your Windows workstation - HKLM_Soft_Microsoft_WinNT_Current_Ver_WinLogon and add AutoAdminLogon=1 and DefaultUserName=local windows user account that will autologon and DefaultPassword = with the value of the password of the default user account.

Then place a batch file in your windows startup folder that will first lock the workstation, then map a drive to the groupwise domain, and then execute groupwise monitor, all behind an auto logged in LOCKED workstation!


Here is the batch file::

rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation to lock workstation.
net use G: \\servername\volume\gwDOfolder /user:.user.context.tree password
C:\gwmon\gwmon.exe /noprompt /lang-us

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