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BrainStorm Cool Tip: Delegate your Tasks, Notes, and Appointments

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By BrainStorm, Inc.

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Posted: 2 Sep 2004

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delegate your tasks, notes, and appointments

Looking for an easier way to reassign some of your tasks to your co-workers? The Delegate feature within GroupWise contains the answer to your problem. Instead of just forwarding these items, the Delegate feature gives you the advantage to track the status of the item until completion. The Delegate feature allows you to reassign tasks, notes, or appointments amongst co-workers with ease.

delegating an item

  1. Right-click the item and select Delegate, or open the item and select the Delegate button.

  2. Select the address through your Address Book or enter the name of the user you want to delegate to in the To field.

  3. Feel free to enter any comments in the Message Window.

  4. Click on the Send Options tab.

  5. In the Return notifications section, you can select when and how you would like to be informed of the status.

  6. Click Send.

  7. Select Yes to keep the original item in your Mailbox, or select No to delete the item from your Mailbox.

You can also check the Properties window of the delegated item to follow the actions taken on the item since delegated.

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