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Cool Tip: Solving Import Address Book Error in GroupWise 6.5 SP2 Dutch Client

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By Ruud van der Zwet

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Posted: 30 Sep 2004


When importing an address book, in GroupWise 6.5.2, you can get an error:
"The header in the import file ***.NAB is invalid."

I had just exported the address book file (*.NAB) in the same GroupWise client as the import.

This only happens as far as I know when using the Dutch client, not the English clients. I have not tested any other languages.


Import *.NAB file in Excel, the text import wizard starts, change to delimited for the data type, select separated by comma, click Finish.

In the first row you'll see the header line.

In the headerline every field looks like this "3A5D001E:Adres"

There are 5 fields that have an extra comma in the text field, in my example the commas are in front of the entry "priv?".

These are:

"3A5D001E:Adres, priv?:",
"3A59001E:Stad, priv?:",
"3A5C001E:Provincie, priv?:",
"3A5B001E:Postcode, priv?:"
"3A5A001E:Land, priv?:"

Remove the extra comma's in an editor like Wordpad and import the address book.

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