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Cool Tip: Fix for D107 Errors at Startup - GroupWise 6.0x

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By Paul Caron

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Posted: 30 Sep 2004


D107 Errors at Startup - GroupWise 6.0x.

Two possible problems - your PC is too fast (really) or corrupt message that can't be archived.


You don't need to get a slower PC - Turn off QuickViewer - GroupWise may be trying to prepare the quickviewer functionality while messages are being archived. More than half of my D107s have gone away since I've done this.

It may be a Corrupt message (email without a message, just recipients). Finding it is the trick.

Don't use filters to find the oldest message in your mailbox - remember, the message is corrupt, so finding it using a filter will not properly. You could go folder by folder, looking for the oldest email. This can be time-consuming and you could miss it if you have a lot of folders.

The easiest way I've found is to go to Tools|Find, make sure that the FIND tab is selected and that only your mailbox is checked and then click OK. This will find all of your mail in your mailbox, including your sent items. Sort the results by date order and based on your archive requirements (auto-archive after xx days), you should see some emails that should have been archived. When attempting to open them, you will see that they are corrupt. Delete these emails, empty your trash and the D107 errors should go away.

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