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BrainStorm Cool Tip: How to Backup and Restore Your Mailbox

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By BrainStorm, Inc.

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Posted: 28 Oct 2004

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How to Backup and Restore

GroupWise 6.5 has a Backup and Restore utility that the system administrator can use on the network. If you are running in Caching or Remote mode, you can create your own backup copy of your Mailbox.

Running GroupWise in Caching mode

  1. Select File | Mode and Caching from the drop down menu.

    * If this is your first time running in caching mode, GroupWise will ask you to chose a directory and will setup your local cache. After this is done, you will have to close and reopen GroupWise and in order to operate in caching mode.

Creating a Personal Backup Copy of your Mailbox

  1. From Remote or caching mode select Tools | Backup Mailbox.
  2. Enter the path to the backup directory.
  3. Select OK to begin creating the backup.

Restoring a Message from a Backup

  1. Select File | Open Backup.

    You might need to enter the path to the Backup Post Office and provide a correct password.

  2. * If you are restoring in Caching or Remote mode, you will backup from the directory you specified as your backup directory.

  3. Select the items you want to restore.
  4. Select Actions | Restore.
  5. Select File | Open Backup again to return to your Mailbox.
  6. Review the restored messages in your Mailbox.

Tips & Tricks

  • When you open the backup of your Mailbox, only messages that don't exist in your current copy of the email are displayed.

  • The system administrator is responsible for creating the Restore Area for the network backup.

  • If you are restoring from a backup copy of the mailbox on the network, you must have Read and Write access rights to the area you are restoring to. For example, if you are restoring to your Online Mailbox, you must have these rights to your network Mailbox.

  • You have limited access rights (Read, Search, and Undelete) in the backup copy of your Mailbox.

  • Each time you perform a backup, the current backup overwrites the previous backup.
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