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Cool Tip: Create Custom Views and Control Who Can See It

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By Carol Northcut

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Posted: 16 Dec 2004


We had a need for a handful of custom views, but wanted to make each view available to a different set of users. Here's how we accomplished this.


Using the GroupWise View Designer, we created the custom views.

We saved the .vew files (ViewA.vew, ViewB.vew, etc.) to a folder outside the domain and post office directories. We then set the custom views location for each post office (set under CLIENT OPTIONS | ENVIRONMENT | FILE LOCATIONS | Custom Views) to that folder using a UNC path. We ensured there were no references to any custom views in the gwvw02us.ini file.

Finally, we created an eDir group for each custom view.

The members of GroupA have file system rights to View A, and the members of GroupB have file system rights to View B. When the members of GroupA use the New Mail drop-down, they only see the ViewA, GroupB sees ViewB, etc.

Using this method allowed us to control who sees each .vew file. If we want everyone to see a particular view, we simply grant *public* file rights to the .vew file.

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