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Sending a Welcome Message to New Users

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By Scott Flowers

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Posted: 23 Dec 2004

On your Q and A there was a question about how to fire off a welcome message to any new users added to GroupWise. I don't do that on my system but I do something similar, and the technique would work in the situation described in the Q and A.


Our company has 9 offices with separate eDirectory trees in each office.

We have a centralized co-located site where we run some of our corporate services, including GroupWise. At the central site there is a big giant eDirectory, that has all the users in it from all the other offices.

Whenever a local network administrator creates a new user in his local tree, we use DirXML (Secure Identity Manager) to replicate that user ID to the centralized eDirectory, and then use DirXML again to create the user's GroupWise account. In the GroupWise DirXML driver, we've customized the XML rules so that when a GroupWise account gets created, it invokes a little java program that uses the JavaMail API to email an administrative message to our GroupWise administrator.

The same mechanism could be used to send an email to the newly created user, with your corporate email policy attached.

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