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Cool Tip: Printing Your Calendar View

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By Mark Bogner

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Posted: 30 Dec 2004


Printing more attractive full page calendars


The GroupWise calendar printing options are a bit anemic - and I like to give my wife a nice looking copy of my monthly calendar. With a little work the monthly calendar view a user actually sees in GroupWise is quite readable and can be printed to match!

I suggest tracking Birthdays / Anniversaries / Events / Vacations as notes (use autodate for recurring events).

I created appropriate categories for different events, and set text colors for different categories (i.e. Birthdays are green, Special events (i.e. going out to a musical, vacations planned) are in blue, Holidays are in light gray, etc.

Anyway, if you have Adobe Photoshop or similar software, get your monthly calendar looking the way you like it on your screen, close tasks & close the file folder so the calendar fills the screen, hit "alt" + "print screen" and switch over to your photo editing software - then "paste" the screen shot into a new document in the photo software and edit if desired (you can use Word for this).

You can then print a nice, color, clean calendar for a spouse, friend, etc. who is not on your GroupWise system. If you are really computer savvy, you can create a PDF from your new file (or put it in word, or JPEG) format and email it.


View an example calendar here (pdf)

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