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Cool Tip: Finding Large Attachments

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By Bruce Hillier

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Posted: 30 Dec 2004


Find out who is taking up disk space, users that do not delete files, especially those with large (>2MB) attachments.


I have created a Find Results Folder so that now any of the users and/or administrators can see how many attachments users have that are over 2MB. This way we can eliminate the email messages that have the large attachments if they are no longer needed to help free up disk space.


  1. Goto Tools | Find (Ctrl-F)
  2. Check the appropriate Users GroupWise Account in the "Look in:" Window. It should be checked by default
  3. Click on Advanced Find
  4. Click on the Drop Down List and select All Fields.
  5. Select "size".
  6. Click on the Operator Drop Down List and select Greater Than or Equal to (>=).
  7. Type in 2000000 in the Search Condition window.
  8. Click OK.
  9. Once the Find Results window appears, do a File | Save As Folder as you normally would.

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