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Linking Pre-Existing UNIX Users to eDirectory with NAM 3.0

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Posted: 26 Jun 2003

Posted: 26 Jun 2003

For more information and updates on this tip, please see TID-10081309.

Here's a tip to help you along the way if you want your UNIX users with their UID and GID to be matched in NAM 3.0 within eDirectory.

The (8) Steps

  1. Stop the Platform Receiver.

  2. Stop the Event Listener.

  3. Make sure a trawl will not be running soon.

  4. Create a user in eDirectory with matching /etc/passwd information.

  5. Use an LDIF file to import a UID/GID object into the ASAM System container with the desired UID and GID. Make sure there will not be any UID/GID collisions.

  6. Start the Platform Receiver.

  7. Start the Event Listener.

  8. Start a trawl.


The trawl process will create the eUser in the census and platform sets. NAM will attempt to create a UID/GID object, but will fail because it already exists. It will then use the pre-existing UID/GID object for the new user.

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