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Product Update: Account Management 3.0 for AIX

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Posted: 18 Feb 2004

Posted: 19 Feb 2004


Here's a Novell Account Management 3.02 patch for Platform Services on AIX. It fixes a known login issue.


Copy the new version of DCE to /tmp and do the following steps to install it:

  1. chmod 444 /tmp/DCE
  2. chown root /tmp/DCE
  3. chgrp security /tmp/DCE
  4. cp /usr/lib/security/DCE /usr/lib/security/DCE.old
  5. rm /usr/lib/security/DCE
  6. mv /tmp/DCE /usr/lib/security


Logins fail for users that are configured with SYSTEM=DCE and/or registry=DCE in the /etc/security/user file.



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