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Cool Tip: Fix for GroupWise Error - GWNFY1xx.DLL

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By Tony Kelly

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Posted: 20 Jan 2005


I encountered an error while using Notify for Groupwise 6.5

When Notify runs at start up I receive the following error:

"Unable to locate an interface language DLL. Looking for GWNFY1xx.DLL (where xx is the language abbreviation). For example, GWNFY1US.DLL is the United States English Interface."

Replacing the file with another does not work.


The simple fix for this is to recreate the profile.

In the above case this was happening to a user on Windows 2000, who had their own local workstation profile (we do not use roaming profiles at present). I noticed that I didn't have the problem logging in as Administrator. Rather than recreate the profile, as the user was Admin equivalent, I cheated and copied the Administrator profile over the top of the users profile.

You can do this via Control Panel > System > User Profiles.

Select Administrator profile (or another working profile), and click Copy to. Select the destination profile, e.g. Documents and Settings\User, select what access rights you want them to have, and click Okay.

Note: - Before you do this backup the users desktop shortcuts, favourites etc, as migrating the profile will replace these.

Once done, login as the user, and hey presto the problem has gone. All you need to do then is tidy up the desktop.

The magic of this is the users password is not changed, and from what I have observed any workstation policy is not affected either.

The above problem is based on local workstation profiles only and not Active Directory or Novell based profiles.

You could simply create a profile from scratch, but I find the above method quicker.

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