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Disabling the Novell Send Message

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Updated: 13 Jul 2005

We recently ran the following Q&A and have received a good suggestion from a reader. If you have any other thoughts on this, let us know.

Question: I am a public school technician. The kids have figured out how to work the Novell Send message. Does anyone know of a way to disable send message without touching each machine? I have tried to hack the registry via a login script, but the students are members of the users group, and aren't allowed to make registry modifications. Thanks for your help.

Answer: We heard from a guy in the forums who used a ZENworks 4 app object to:

  1. Delete the Nwsndmsg.exe file from the workstations -set to force run based on the file existence.
  2. Make the registry changes that disable it. They are:
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Novell\Network Provider\Menu Items]
    "Enable Send Message Dialog"="no"
    "Enable Send Message To Server Dialog"="no"
    "Enable Send Message To User Dialog"="no"
    "Enable Systray Icon"="no"
  3. Set up the ACU client upgrade to set the ADVANCE MENU SETTINGS - ENABLE SEND MESSAGE - OFF

Worth a try.


Paul Pedron

Registry hacks with ZENworks is what I use after the fact. However, during the install you can preset all those settings w/NCIMAN.exe.

I am really surprised at the number of people who forget or do not know about NCIMAN.exe in the Admin folder of the Client.

It is the primary tool used to configure clients along with an unattended install with versioning for each component for granular installations.

Use the nciman utility that comes with that version of the client to configure that version of the client.

  1. Unzip the downloaded Client and open the Admin folder.
  2. Execute NCIMAN.exe
  3. Make appropriate Client Property Settings
  4. Don't forget to:
    • Enable Send Message = off
    • Enable Send Message to Server Dialog = off
    • Enable Send Message to User Dialog = off
    • You can Turn off the "Enable NetWare Utilities"
  5. Save as unattended.txt where the acu.exe is (up one folder level from nciman.exe)

If you want to take the Red N out of the System tray all together:

regedit HKLM/Software/Microsoft/Windows/currentversion/Run
Remove NWTray = nwtray.exe

In the Client folder to launch the client there will be acu.ini, open with text pad. Make appropriate changes to the config


See Novell resources to use the ACU install.

If you have any questions you may contact Paul at

Christian van Driel

You can also use the 95 Client configuration or the NT Client configuration options found in the Workstation policy.

Take a look at the Advanced Menu Settings; almost all options available in nciman are available there as well.

Associate the policy with the computers that are not allowed to send messages, and you are all done.

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