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Editing a File ID (FID) Using ConsoleOne

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By Gert ter Burg

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Posted: 27 Jan 2005


Need to create a GroupWise user with a specific File ID (FID) for accessing an archive, or restoring a deleted user.


TID3510373 explains how to do this by using an import file and the necessary tools. But by using ConsoleOne, you can just edit the FID as well.

  1. Open the account in ConsoleOne, then click on the button left below 'Page options'.
  2. Click in the 'Tabs of Pages' on 'GroupWise' and then 'Disable'.
  3. Save the setting with OK/OK.

This disables the GroupWise Tab and moves the GroupWise information to the Other Tab.

Now you have to close the account (Cancel or X) and reopen it. Go to the Other Tab, and voila, the GroupWise attributes are listed as 'Leftover attributes that are not handled by custom pages'.

Here you can click on the FID attribute and Edit it. Once the FID is saved you can bring back the GroupWise Tab by chosing 'Enable'.

Happy FID-editing.

P.S. This works for newly created accounts that are not opened yet. The user database is NOT rewritten or renamed.

There are other tools to edit FID's, like Archive FID editor - TID10014261, FIDIt by Email Essentials Inc., and for restoring deleted users there is the free chapter of Tay Kratzer's GW65 administrator's guide free for download at

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