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Clearing SSO Variables

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Posted: 27 Jan 2005

A reader recently described the following problem with Single Sign-On and password variables:

"We have SSO/SecureLogin 3.5.1 on an eDirectory platform. Things are working fine, except that there is an issue with one of our internal web sites, which is a collaboration site. I can use Single Sign-On OK, but when I go to post a discussion, the user name and password automatically gets populated on random fields in the form. Is there a way to clear the user name and password variables once you have logged in to the site?"

And here's the answer from one of our Forum experts:

The issue here is that NSL sees the whole site as the thing that should be logged into. You need to modify the script so that it only logs in on the correct page. Normally, the login (web) script is simply:

Type $Username
Type $Password

You should change the script to read as follows:

If -Text "Login message"
     Type $Username
     Type $Password

You should also change the "Login message" to be something that is on the screen only when users are required to enter their ID and Password.

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