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Getting Delphi Programs to Work Smoothly with SecureLogin

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Posted: 27 Jan 2005

Here's the problem that a reader recently encountered when using a Delphi app with SecureLogin:

"I have a client application developed with Delphi program. I can get the username and the password and the secure login obtains to store in its database, but when loading the applicatiom the username and the password are not filled. Do you know what has happened here?"

Answer from Expert 1:

I've seen this kind of problem before, specifically with Delphi applications. The only way that we got it to work properly was to use something like the following (instead of the normal Dialog section):

       Type $Username
       Type "\T"
       Type $Password Password
       Type "\N"

The reason we didn't type in the username every time was that that particular application saved the username - there was no need to overwrite it each time. You could certainly add that, though, by having the second line read "Type $Username Username" rather than "Type $Username".

We tried several ways to get the Dialog section to work, but never could. The "If -Text" coding was the only way that we got it working.

Answer from Expert 2:

We were able to solve a problem like this with a fix that was quite simple. Here's the original version, which stopped working:

Type  $Username
type $Password password

Here's the corrected, working version:

Type  $Username #1
Type $Password #2
Type \N

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