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Solving Re-login Issues with NSL Single Sign-On

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By Anjana Navnith

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Posted: 27 Jan 2005

Solving a Re-login Issue in NSL Single Sign-on

by Anjana Navnith, Software Consultant

This Cool Solution helps you solve an issue with Single Sign-on (SSO) using Novell Nsure Secure Login (NSL). With this tip, you'll no longer be re-logged into a site after logging out.

The Problem

NSL provides single sign-on for Web and Windows applications. When you launch a Web page, NSL detects the login prompt and asks for the credentials. Then it stores the credentials against the URL and provides them whenever you launch the URL.

Some Web sites display the the login page again when you log out (for example, In such instances, NSL detects the login page and re-logs you in. Therefore, as soon as you choose to log out, you are logged back in by NSL. This results in a loop, and you have to disable SSO for that application to log out.

The Solution

You can resolve this issue by modifying the login script as detailed below. Assume that you have configured (the Google Web mail) for SSO. The default login script in NSL created by the Secure Login page for the URL is shown in the figure below.

Figure 1: Default login script

To solve the re-login issue, edit the script as follows:

          if ?Login eq "No" 
             Set ?Login Yes 
             Type $username  
             Type $password  
             Type \n 
             Set ?Login No 

Figure 2: Modified login script

The Login variable detects whether you have just logged out. If so, your credentials are not provided thereby preventing the relogin.

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