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Handling User Name Changes

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Posted: 16 Feb 2005

When users change their names, their home directories are affected. In GroupWise you can use the nickname feature to refer to the new name and path. Sometimes with a name change, however, the user's NDS object can be disconnected from the GroupWise object.

Here's a rename procedure that eliminates the disconnect problems. Before trying this procedure, search for any duplicates for the new name in the tree. You may also want to do a screen print to Paint or Wordpad of the user data before you begin.


  1. Rename the GroupWise object.
  2. Rename the home directory.
  3. Add yourself as a Trustee under NDS Rights. (Click Apply, Close, and Rename.)
  4. Modify Identification under the General tab, including the e-mail address if it did not change. Be sure to add a comment in the Description field of who, what, and when. (The Help Desk will love you for it, trust me.) Click Apply and yes all the questions.
  5. Modify the Environment values and click Apply. In the GroupWise Account, the PO, MID and FID values may not have changed yet - don't worry, they will catch up.
  6. Change the Gateway Alias in this order: Delete the old, Apply, Create the new, Apply.
  7. Create the nickname if desired.
  8. If used, change the Internet Alias on the Other attributes tab and click Apply.
  9. Confirm that the user's rights to Files and Folders and their Memberships are still intact.

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