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Migration Tips: Getting from NDS to eDirectory

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Posted: 3 Feb 2005

Here's what a reader recently asked about migrating from NDS to eDirectory:

"Could anyone point me in the direction of some good material on the migration from NDS to eDirectory? We're currently at NDS 7.62 on NW5.1, and where I'd like to be when all is said and done is eDirectory on Windows 2003 Server. If anyone out there has done this before, I would appreciate it if you could share any 'gotchas' or tips or tricks."

And here are responses from two of our Forum experts:

Expert 1: Basically, all you need to do is to upgrade all NetWare 5.1 servers to eDir 8.7.3 You can download this upgrade free from After the upgrade, apply the edir8733.exe patch on each server to resolve a memory leak problem in eDirectory 8.7.3.

If you don't upgrade all the servers to eDirectory 8.7.3 in one go, then you need to enable support for Auxiliary Classes on all the servers still running DS 7.xx. This will avoid having objects show up as unknown, even though they are not.

Once your servers are running eDir, you need to order and install eDirectory 8.7.3 on the Windows 2003 box and then add the edir8733.exe patch to this box as well.

Next, do an NDS Health Check as per TID 10060600 to make sure that all is OK. Then start adding R/W replicas of all partitions to the 2003 box and designate them as master replicas.

You also need to move the Time Server and the CA to the 2003 box, before you can start uninstalling the NetWare 5.1 boxes.

Expert 2: On NetWare, the installation is straightforward, but there is some prep work you should do before you start. This will ensure that you have as few problems as possible. You may want to review my notes from the upgrade we did a few years ago. They are available at:

Concerning the Windows aspect of the migration, you should ask yourself exactly what you are trying to accomplish, as the answer could affect your planning. If you're intending to use eDirectory on Windows as an LDAP directory, that'll work fine. It will participate fine in a tree of other eDirectory servers.

But eDirectory on Windows will not provide you with any management of the Windows platform itself, nor of the file system. So if you're using NetWare right now, and you're used to using NDS and the NetWare file system, you may be unpleasantly surprised if you're thinking you can just switch out the OS to Windows and have everything you have now.

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