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Getting from LDAP FN to Novell FDN

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Posted: 7 Feb 2005

iChain and Novell's FDN

Reader Michael Longman sends us a tip for getting from commas to dots, and how that can help with integrating NSearch and iChain.

I have been trying to put Novell NSearch behind iChain. However, I have found that the NSearch login requires Novell's FDN, which uses the dotted notation (as do a few other Novell web services).

After scratching my head about how to get around the issues where the LDAP DN is supplied in a comma-delimited form, I came up with the following solution:

var r = /,/g; 
document.forms[0].userid.value = "." + document.forms[0].userid.value.replace(r, ".");

Basically, this little bit of code replaces the commas with dots and adds a leading dot. This can then be placed in the form-fill script.

I hope this helps other people who are trying to convert from an LDAP DN to a Novell FDN.

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