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Cool Tip: Launching Applications using Notify and Rules

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By Matt Ray

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Posted: 10 Feb 2005


A Customer wants to launch an application using rules when an email from a specific user is received. Unfortunately, rules don't have the functionality to launch applications, so using a rule by itself wasn't going to be enough. We came up with another solution that although it wasn't perfect, it worked for the customer.


Notify has the ability to launch applications when specific mails come in or rather launch based on priority. This could be one option, to configure all emails sent from that specific user to be sent low priority, the least used priority in GroupWise. The likelyhood of any other email being sent low priority is almost non-existant. The other option would be to configure Notify to only scan on 1 folder and then configure your GroupWise rule to move all emails from the specific user to that folder, then notify would launch the application when it found a new email in that folder.

So, there are really 2 ways to accomplish this task:

  1. Using Notify and Priorities
  2. Using Notify and a GroupWise Rule

Neither of these solutions are ideal, but the customer wasn't looking for ideal. They were looking for a solution. It won't work in every case and the biggest weakness of this solution is that rules run on the server, notify runs on the workstation, but it still works and the customer was happy with the solution.

Put it under the For What It's Worth category. :-)


  • All emails from psadmin need to launch PeopleSoft when they come in.
  • Configure psadmin to send only low priority messages.
  • Configure notify to respond to low-priority messages by launching an application.
  • Choose peoplesoft as the application.

Alternatively, modify notify under options to only scan the psoft folder.

  • Configure a rule in GroupWise to move all emails from psadmin to the psoft folder.
  • Configure notify to launch Peoplesoft under the normal priority messages.

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