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Why Standard Desktop Colors Don't Always Work

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Updated: 16 Aug 2005

Jason K. wrote: We have standard backgrounds for our users. Students have blue, and staff have brick color. These are on WinXP operating systems and ZENworks 3.2.3. Some the the backgrounds are not importing correctly, and use the standard omnitech backgrounds. Why does this happen on some and not others? Thanks in advance.

OPEN CALL: Anyone care to comment on this? Let us know.


Luke Meijer

Hi Jason,

We enforce users' backgrounds using a ZENworks user policy package.

Under the POLICIES --> WinXP --> Windows Desktop Preferences, click on Properties then go to the Settings option under the Desktop Preferences tab.

From here, click the Display button and enter the details for the wallpaper images you require.

If you are already using this method, I have a couple of suggestions as to why it is only working for some users:

  • In the Desktop Preferences --> Settings (Just before you click the Display button for wallpaper, screen saver, etc.) there is a check box "Always update Desktop settings on eDirectory authentication". Try checking this box.
  • When you specify the path to the .bmp use a UNC path rather than drive letters incase different users have different paths for drive letters.
  • Try placing all your wallpaper images into a standard directory somewhere on the local workstation. I find these settings work a lot better during high traffic when the wallpaper is called locally rather than off a server.

Hope this helps!

Cade Carvell

I don't know if this directly applies to 3.2.x, but in 4.x, if you set the PLUS options in the Windows Desktop Options for the User Policy (policy in ZENworks), it behaves strangely on Windows XP boxes. We had to disable it, and create a workaround. Just my 2 cents.

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