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Tip: Updating GroupWise 6.5 Components Without Shutting Down the System

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By Chuck Bardram

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Posted: 24 Feb 2005


When installing or updating GroupWise 6.5 components, during the WebAccess portion you are prompted to shut down all agents / Apache web server, and Java. This is fine if you are going to activate the new agents immediately, but what if you want to keep the system running while you install, and bring up the agents later on?


When you receive the prompts, you are asked to answer YES if you would like the system to shut down the items, or NO if you wish to do it manually.

Simply choose NO, and after a few moments, the install will continue.

When prompted for the second time, choose NO also.

The install will complete, with the server still running the current agents.

When it is time to bring up the new agents, simply perform the following: (tested only on NetWare 6.5)

  1. Unload all GroupWise agents via F7

  2. Unload any Java dependent programs (BackupExec, etc)

  3. ADMSRVDN to unload the Apache 2 admin server

  4. AP2WEBDN to unload Apache 2

  5. JAVA -EXIT to unload Java and Tomcat

Wait until all modules have unloaded. To restart with the new agents:

  1. Execute all pertinent GroupWise NCF files. For most installations, these will be:
    GRPWISE.NCF - MTA and POA agents
    GWIA.NCF - Internet Agent
    STRTWEB - WebAccess Agent

  2. ADMSRVUP to restart the Apache2 admin server

  3. AP2WEBUP to restart Apache2

  4. TOMCAT4 to restart Java / Tomcat

  5. Restart and Java dependent programs.

I have used this method several times without any problems. It keeps the mail system / server up during the install and does not require a reboot to start the new versions up.

Some changes may need to be made based on the actual server apps running, but it should be fine in the majority of cases.

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