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Allowing Non-Novell Users to Browse BorderManager

Novell Cool Solutions: Tip
By Todd Bengert

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Posted: 2 Mar 2005

Note: Thanks to Cool Solutions reader Todd Bengert for this tip!


When non-Novell users want to browse through BorderManager, they have to log in to the network for the client trust key.


You can re-direct the proxy so these users won't have to get the client trust key from the network. Instead, they can log in directly to the BorderManager site. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Execute NWAdmn32.
  2. Expand the tree.
  3. Find the server, right-click and choose Details.
  4. Go to Border Manager Setup.
  5. Choose Authentication Context.
  6. Check the box to Enable HTTP Proxy Authentication.
  7. Check the box for Single Sign On and enter a time to wait for redirection in seconds (e.g., 15 seconds).
  8. Check the box for SSL (the default listening port is usually 443).
  9. For the Key ID, choose SSL CertificateIP.
  10. Check HTML Form, allowing a web page to come up after x seconds. This page will prompt for a visitor to the site to login with a valid system username and password and be able to browse the internet.

Note: The user's Internet browser proxy will still have to be entered for the Border Manager's IP address and port (default port 8080).

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