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Managing Custom Schema Attributes

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Posted: 2 Mar 2005

A reader asked: "I extended the schema to create a new attribute (property). Then I associated it with the user object. How do I add this new attribute to the user object "form" in eDirectory so I can store data in it?"

And here's the advice from several Forum experts:

Expert 1: This depends on the tool you're using. With iManager, it's really easy to add the field using the plugin studio; with other tools, it may be a bit more involved, because you have to write a snap-in for it.

Expert 2: There is a tool called ScheMAX that lets you build snap-ins for NWAdmin using a drag-and-drop interface. It's available as a Cool Solutions tool at:

Expert 3: You can also manage custom schema attributes with the DSRAZOR product from Visual Click. The applets can be tailored so that when you create users, any of the following tasks can be done:

  • The custom attribute gets filled in.
  • You can change the attribute values for single users or multiple users.
  • You can report on the attribute.
  • You can query for different values for the attribute.
Visual Click can customize applets to include the tasks and reports you need for your new attribute. A free 7-day evaluation is available from:

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