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Tip: Tracking Events and Queries from Other Trees

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Posted: 1 Mar 2005

A reader asked:

"I've setup an Novell Audit server in its own tree and I'm monitoring multiple trees that control the production environment.

From the Audit tree I can run queries on the database in iManager, such as "Distribution," and the EventIDs are translated into their human-readable equivalents. When I do this same query to the same target Audit database from iManager in another tree, the EventIDs are not translated into their readable equivalents.

Where is this setup?"

And here's the response from the Forum expert ...

The iManager event and query information is stored on your user object. It's a hidden attribute on your user object where all iManager user preferences are stored. When you are logged into the tree that has the secure logging server object, Novell Audit will check the logging services container for a logging server. Then it automatically imports the event IDs from that logging server.

The following instructions should set you up. If they don't, you might have to log into the Novell Audit tree to run the queries and have the translation you need.

What you will probably need to do, at least to set this up initially, is log into the other tree from iManager and "import" the logging server configuration.

  1. Log in to iManager from the tree where the eventIDs are not translated.
  2. Click the tree icon in the iManager tool bar, which logs you into the other tree. Use that to log into the tree that has the secure logging server.
  3. From the Novell Audit roles and tasks menu, click Query Configuration.
  4. Click the Product Events tab. There is a section for the Secure Logging Server object DN.
  5. Enter the DN of the logging server, or browse to it using the magnifying glass icon.
  6. Enter the DN and click Update.

Now you should have a list of Product events below. Once you have that list, you should be able to exit iManager and log back in to the original tree. Check the query config/product events list. As long as that list is there, the events from your queries should get translated.

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