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Smart Downloading of Open Enterprise Server

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Updated: 17 Mar 2005

When you are ready to download the eval of Open Enterprise Server, here are two handy tips to keep in mind.

Get Just the Stuff you Need

Some people are inadvertently causing themselves unnecessary grief by downloading all the ISO images, rather than just the ones they need. Here's a little rundown of the images you'll need for each installation scenario.

Before installing, it is important to identify which CD images you need to download to install Open Enterprise Server the way that you want. The images that you download may be different depending on what media you already have, and how you wish to run Open Enterprise Server.

If you want to run Open Enterprise Server for Linux and need a complete installation set for Linux

Required images:

  • oes-linux-1.iso
  • oes-linux-2.iso
  • oes-linux-4-sles9-2.iso
  • oes-linux-5-sles9-3.iso
  • oes-linux-6-sles9-4.iso

If you already have SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 and want to run Open Enterprise Server for Linux

Required images:

  • oes-linux-1.iso
  • oes-linux-2.iso

In addition to these two images, you will need your original SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 CDs for x86 architectures. See Upgrading SLES 9/SLES 9 SP1 to OES for Linux for all the details.

If you want to run Open Enterprise Server for NetWare

  • oes-netware-1.iso
  • oes-netware-2-services.iso

These are also the NetWare 6.5 SP3 Overlay CD's.

For more information, see the Download Instructions on this page. And have fun with the eval!

Write Down the Secret Code

You may or may not know that 30 days of free access to updates and patches is available from within the download. Some folks are overlooking it because the info is down the page a ways, and they are eager to move right into the Download process. But here's the scoop:

Look for a special number (a long honker) from within the download build under the heading "Serial Number(s):______________" (This number is also known as the ZENworks Linux Management Activation Code.) Write it down somewhere (unless you are Rain Man...).

You won't use this number during the install itself, but once the Linux-based Open Enterprise Server installation is complete, you will need to enter the activation code so you can start grabbing your free updates. You should do this right away, because the 30-day eval period starts the minute you see that code, NOT when you enter the code into ZENworks Linux Management. You could procrastinate away whole chunks of your free access if you're not careful.

Authenticate as root to your Linux server using BASH either directly on the console or via SSH. At the BASH prompt type the following:

rug activate activation_code

You should see the following messages:

System successfully activated
Refreshing all channels
Download complete

Updates can be performed at any time after the installation, but if there are any updates available, it's a good practice to download and install them as soon as possible to fix known bugs or security issues.

There you go! You're ready to start using your Open Enterprise Server Eval.

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