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The Top Ten Reasons People are Excited About the Omni Novell Linux Desktop Multiplier

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By Omni Technology Solutions Inc.

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Posted: 17 Mar 2005

The Top Ten Reasons People are Excited About the Omni Novell Linux Desktop Multiplier
  1. Omni Novell Linux Desktop Multiplier uses a standard cost-effective Intel or AMD-based computer, standard dual-head video cards, standard USB mice and keyboards to create a 10-to-1 advantage over traditional desktop deployments.
  2. Omni NLD is quick and easy to install. Connect the hardware, install the software - 10 minutes and you're done!
  3. Omni NLD works with the full-featured and easy-to-use Novell Linux Desktop environment.
  4. Users can simultaneously browse the Internet, use GroupWise, run Open Office and any other software you have installed. And there are thousands of applications that are available for the Novell Linux Desktop.
  5. Omni NLD is Powered by Userful. Userful is the leading Linux Desktop Multiplier software developer (
  6. The 10-to-1 hardware multiplier effect of Omni NLD provides unequalled value and Return on Investment to schools, libraries, enterprises and small businesses looking to deploy Novell Linux Desktop.
  7. Companies are reporting savings of upwards of 80-90% on the cost of deploying and managing desktops. Just think of it, one computer, not 10; one tape backup system, not 10; one UPS, not 10; the cost to manage one computer, support one computer and repair one computer, not 10; the cost of electricity to power one computer, not 10; the cost of physical infrastructure (air conditioning, electrical requirements, etc.) for one computer, not 10; and much more.
  8. NLD Multiplier has proven to be an ideal solution wherever you need two or more desktops in the same room: everything from classrooms, libraries, colleges and universities, tradeshows & events, Internet kiosks, computer-based training & testing, healthcare, government, banks, call centers, cruise ships, retirement homes, building lobbies, airport lounges, job banks, remote communities, oil field well sites, government & NGO connectivity projects, tele-centers and the list just keeps growing.
  9. NLD Multiplier offers you the licensing freedom to deploy Novell Linux Desktop, Open Office and other Open Source Applications and enjoy the 10-to-1 advantage in those physical environments where there is a good fit.
  10. Because the NLD Multiplier is built on Novell's Linux Desktop, it will continue to leverage the significant technology advances Novell is bringing to the Linux community. Future versions of NLD Multiplier will be manageable by ZEN for Linux and implement other Novell specific advantages.
For more information about NLD Multiplier and to download a trial version, go to

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