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Searching eGuide from Another Page

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By Peter Wass

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Posted: 22 Mar 2005


I would like to create a search box on our Intranet homepage, from there user can then enter a "Last Name" and hit the search Button. The "search string" then should pass to eGuide and display the result within eGuide (on a new window). Can someone please assist?


Here's the solution from Peter Wass:

I added a piece of Javascript to the top of eguide_nav.html. It's pretty basic, but it works. You pass a standard set of parameters to eGuide using EXTAction instead of Action, and it gets replaced and reloaded when this script loads.

function ExteriorSearch(what) {
            var tStr = unescape(window.parent.location);
            ReplaceWhat = "EXTAction"
            ReplaceWith = "Action"
            var rw = new RegExp(ReplaceWhat,"g");
    tStr = tStr.replace(rw,ReplaceWith);
    var testvar = getParameter
            if (testvar == 'List.get') {
       this.location = tStr;              

Then you need to change the third document.writeln to this:

document.writeln('<body bgcolor=\"' + getParameter
(,"color") + '\" onload=\"ExteriorSearch(this)\">');

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