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Disaster Recovery Tips

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By Freeman L. Burgess

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Posted: 8 Apr 2002

I gave only a fleeting thought to disaster recovery a year ago, then things around the nation changed dramatically. Disaster recovery planning is the process of preparing your network's documentation, backups, and resources to be recoverable with as little effort as possible in the event of disaster--natural or man-made.

To prepare an effective disaster recovery plan, I recommend some strategies discussed at BrainShare 2002. Here are a few noteworthy tasks:

  1. Designate an offsite storage facility to store your backup media (tapes, CD's, etc).
  2. Develop a crisis action team to help minimize the effects of a traumatic event. The team's responsibilities should include data recovery and restoration, restoring communications with staff, customers, and partners, and ensuring that measures are firmly in place to secure IT's data and equipment.
  3. Research the plans of other members in your industry to learn how your plan compares to theirs in continiuty. Research to learn what the best practices are in your industry.
  4. Whatever your disaster recovery plan may be, test it to ensure it's functionality. Update your list of contact numbers regularly--including your staff. Do not wait until disaster strikes to learn that your plan is ineffective.

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