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Saving Email to Offline Storage

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By Lindsey Johnstone

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Posted: 14 Jan 2002

We keep getting e-mail from government employees afraid to delete their aging e-mail archives. So we sent an example to Lindsey Johnstone (our resident records retention expert and Advisory Board member) to get his take on the situation.

The Question:
"I have made a folder that holds 28 other folders with about 7 to 15 short e-mails in them. I would like to get them off my system, but working for the government, I know as soon as I delete them, someone will ask for proof of an approval."

"How can I copy them to a disk so I can delete them from my system?"

The Advice:
The thing that makes GroupWise such an excellent choice as an enterprise messaging product is the same thing that makes it so difficult to extract information. GroupWise is a very secure product because of its encryption, which means you need the GroupWise client to view any of its content. If you try to save an e-mail, it saves it in a *.mlm format, not readable by most programs, though WordPerfect will suck it right up. (Remember, GroupWise use to be a WordPerfect product).

One firm has made this task very easy for you. Nexic ( has a product called Personal Publisher that will port out GroupWise e-mails and such as HTML, easily readable by almost all other programs.

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