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Novell Cool Solutions: Tip
By Michael Litt

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Posted: 5 Mar 2002

We are currently running ZENworks for Desktop 2.0 in our school district consisting of 60+ NetWare 5.1 servers. We have four high schools, six junior highs and 21 elementary schools. There are 18,000+ students and over 3,000 staff district-wide.

To keep the students from 'distractions' while presenting as 'real-world' an interface as possible on their Windows desktops, we use ZENworks control each workstation's configuration.

First, we point the folder settings to Custom in the User Package, User System Policies dialog. Then we place empty folders in the Public folder on the server named: ...\PUBLIC\FOLDER\START, ...\PUBLIC\FOLDER\PROGRAMS, ...\PUBLIC\FOLDER\START MENU, etc.

That way, the students get empty menus when they click on Start, Programs and the only applications they can access, are the ones delivered by ZENworks.

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