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A Database Approach to Logging Access

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By Ron Fowler

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Posted: 25 Jul 2002

We, too, created a log utility that runs in the login script and writes to a file on the network. It records the following in comma delimited format:

date,time,ip address,mac address,computername, and username.

That utility (and the Visual Basic source) is available at: Basic Source/

Our access log application is better (for us anyway) because instead of writing the information to a log file that has to be imported into something to query it effectively we changed it. Our version of the app sends the information to a web site that uses Cold Fusion and SQL on the backend to record the information as users login. The information can then be more easily queried by our technicians. We can query based on any of the info gathered from the log over a period of time. It can also be used to ping, wakeup, userinfo, and SquidGuard (proxy that filters pornography) hits.

Other things it records is what building/school the computer is at, ghost image version, and asset tag number. Most of this is done with Cold Fusion queries and minor changes to the above weblog app. This may be of help to those wanting to modify the above app to get more useful info. We also use NAL to fill in information like the DN of the user, etc.

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