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Tip: Move GroupWise User's Word List to their Profile Directory

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By Bryan Keadle

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Updated: 10 Oct 2005

Update: As a reader commented, the created .REG file may not import. The code below in the grey box fixes this issue.

We found that our default user word list (WT61US.UWL) was being kept at the root of C:\. Yuck. These "personal dictionaries" should be in the user's profile directory, don't you think?

So we used this batch file to copy the existing C:\WT61US.UWL into the user's profile directory (if they don't already have one), and make the associated registry change so that the GroupWise spell check is now specific to the user:

=== BEGIN: MoveUserWordList.cmd ===
@echo off
goto :BEGIN

  MoveUserWordList - Move GroupWise User's Word List to profile directory
    You may specify a path for the for the user's Word List: (for example, to their home directory)
        MoveUserWordList  "H:\GroupWise\Personal Settings"
echo Updating Groupwise WordList location for %UserName% 
echo [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Novell\User Word List\6.1\US\User Word List 0]>> %Temp%\~GWUWL.REG
set UWLPath=%UserProfile%
if NOT "%~1"=="" set UWLPath=%~1
set UWLPathx=%UWLPath:\=\\%\\MyWordList.UWL
echo "Name"="%UWLPathx%">> %Temp%\~GWUWL.REG
regedit /s %Temp%\~GWUWL.REG
if NOT exist "%UWLPath%\MyWordList.UWL" if EXIST C:\WT61US.UWL copy C:\WT61US.UWL "%UWLPath%\MyWordList.UWL"


Running this command file (valid for Win2K/XP only) with no parameters redirects the GroupWise word list to the user's profile directory. You may specify a path for the location of the word list by adding it to the command line For example, to redirect the location of the user's word list file to their home directory like H:\GroupWise\Personal Settings, you would run:

MoveUserWordList "H:\GroupWise\Personal Settings"

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