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Reduce the Annoyance of Broadcast Messages

Novell Cool Solutions: Tip
By Theresa Husarik

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Posted: 12 Jul 2000

Doesn't it get annoying when you keep getting messages that Timbuktoo_Server is running out of disk space and you have nothing to do with that server?

Your workstation is probably set up with default timeouts so that when a network broadcast message appears, a dialog box opens and you must manually click "OK" to make the box disappear.

Well, you can change the settings so that the message box automatically disappears after a given amount of time.

Right-Click on the red "N" on your desktop tool tray (lower right hand corner). Click on "Client 32 properties". Choose the "Advanced Settings" tab, and scroll down to the "Message Timeout" property.

Enter a "1" for the setting value. (a "0" means you manually have to close the box, and a "1" means "automatically close the box after 1 second").


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