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Using NPRINTER on Windows 2000 Clients

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Posted: 24 Oct 2001

Version: NetWare 5.1

If you're using NetWare 5.1 and Windows 2000 workstations, and want to run remote printers on the Windows workstations, try this tip.

The executables for NPRINTER for NT will run on Windows 2000. The problem is with the installation. The OEMSETUP.INF file is incorrect for W2K.

A second issue is that in Windows 2000 the service is added through a different path than on NT. Because the INF file is incorrect, NPRINTER will not install.

To get NPRINTER working on Windows 2000:

  1. Extract the files from NTPRINT.EXE.
  2. Copy the files English\NPRINTER.CPL and English\NPRINTER.EXE to the C:\Winnt\system32 directory.
  3. Open Start\Settings\Control Panel.
    The NPRINTER icon should now be displayed on the control panel.
  4. Open the NPRINTER icon and set up the printer to be serviced.
  5. From the command prompt, run NPRINTER.EXE.
    The command should be: NPRINTER /I

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