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Running BorderManager on NetWare 6

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Posted: 24 Oct 2001

Version: BorderManager 3.6, NetWare 6

If you're moving to NetWare 6 and are using BorderManager, this tip can make the transition to the new NetWare a smooth one.

  1. Verify that the LAN cards you plan on running are tested and approved on NW6.
  2. Install NetWare 6.
  3. Re-boot the server and verify that the new Server OS install re-loads properly.
    1. Load INETCFG and transfer all LOAD & BINDS to the NETINFO file.
    2. Check PROTOCOLS > TCPIP.
      Make sure IP Packet Forwarding is set to Enabled("Router") if you have multiple LAN cards.
      Also make sure that LAN Static Routing is enabled and that a Default Route has been specified.
    3. Check the DNS Resolver Configuration and the addresses of DNS servers.
  4. Re-boot the server.
    Make sure INETCFG is not loaded.
  5. Place the BorderManager 3.6 CD in the CDROM drive.
    The BMEE36 volume should mount.
  6. Install BorderManager from the X Server -- Graphical Console.
    Install from the ROOT of the BorderManager 3.6 CD that should now be mounted.

After the 3.6 install you must immediately install BM36SP1A.EXE Do not re-boot the server before installing BM36SP1A.EXE. The BM 3.6 install will downgrade many critical OS NLMs that need to be replaced prior to re-booting the server. Otherwise, it will abend when it re-loads. BM36SP1A.EXE will put the original files back in place.

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