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What's New in NetWare 6 DNS and DHCP

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By Hugo Parra

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Posted: 30 Oct 2001

Version NetWare 6.0

NetWare 6 packs a bunch of new features but let's get specific. If you're interested in how the new operating system deals with DNS and DHCP, read on.

  1. New DNS Server Features
    1. Limit Zone Transfers. The ability to specify a list of servers to exclude from zone transfers.
  2. New DHCP Server Features
    1. Cluster-Enabled.
    2. Permanent Leases (AKA Static IP) support. The server returns the same IP address for leases flagged as 'permanent' even when the service is stopped and restarted.
    3. Support options 78 and 79. These options provide additional information to the host regarding SLP.
    4. Negative caching. When a host requests the IP address for a name, and the name is not found, the server stores the name in a negative cache so subsequent requests for the same name are fast.
    5. Pooled MAC addresses. IP addresses are pooled and synchronized through NDS.
  3. New browser-based management tool.
    1. The new tool for managing the DNS/DHCP server is accessible through the Novell iManager (formerly, iManage). In addition to matching the functionality of the old java-based management tool, the iManage tool supports access to functionality available for some time in the back-end implementation but unaccessible by the old utility.
      Following are new features supported by this new management tool:
      • Limited Zone Transfers. Provide a mechanism for specifying the zones allowed to receive zone transfers.
      • DHCP options 78 and 79 support. These options provide additional information to the host regarding SLP.
      • Better performance than the old java tool.
  4. A number of important bug fixes to the back-end pieces.

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