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iPrint Client Fix for NetWare 6

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Posted: 6 Nov 2001

For details or updates on this tip, see TID-2960601.

This one gets filed in the "really weird" folder. If iPrint is misbehaving on your NetWare 6 network and you have a .0. in your IP address and Jupiter has aligned with Mars, you might be interested in this fix. (Okay, Mars and Jupiter don't have to be aligned but you do have to an a .0. in your IP address.)

Associated File
Click this filename to download: nipp10a.exe; 2489203 bytes

Installation Instructions
There are several methods that you can use to install this new iPrint client. Two of them are as follows:

  • Method #1: Update the IPRINT.INI and NIPP.EXE files on the server's SYS:LOGIN\IPPDOCS directory.
  • Method #2: Use ZEN (or some other utility) to force the install of the iPrint client out to workstations.

Method #1
Extract the patch into a temporary directory.

Go to the server that is running iPrint, or where ever you have your NIPP.EXE installed. In a typical NetWare 6 installation, NIPP.EXE is located on SYS:LOGIN\IPPDOCS. Backup the following files:


Once the above files have been backed up, copy the two files in this patch to:


If you have a different location where NIPP.EXE is located (such as on a web server), copy these files to that location as well.

The next time the workstation logs into the network, the iPrint client will go to the server running iPrint and it will check the IPRINT.INI file at SYS:LOGIN\IPPDOCS. The iPrint client will compare the NovellWinVersion number on the server's IPRINT.INI file and compare it to the IPRINT.INI file on the workstation. If the version on the server is greater than what is on the workstation, the client is set to automatically update with user intervention. The NovellWinVersion that shipped with NetWare 6 English only is equal to 0 (zero). The IPRINT.INI file included in this patch, and the IPRINT.INI embedded in the NIPP.EXE contain a NovellWinVersion=1. Once these files are placed out on the iPrint server, the client will be automatically updated at the workstation's next boot.

NOTE: Do not manually update the NovellWinVersion to be anything different that what is contained in the files. To do so will cause the workstation to continually install the iPrint client at every boot. This is because the IPRINT.INI file is embedded in NIPP.EXE.

MULTIPLE TREES: If you have a single workstation connected to multiple trees with iPrint printers from both trees, you will want to update IPRINT.INI and NIPP.EXE in each tree. Failure to do so may result in failure to have the workstations properly updated.

Method #2
Use SnappShot to create a ZEN application object and then distribute this application object to your users' workstations.

NOTE: You may not want to put the new NIPP.EXE and IPRINT.INI file out on your iPrint server's SYS:SYSTEM\IPPDOCS directory until all the workstations receive the iPrint client update. This is due to the fact that the iPrint client checks the iPrint server for an updated client every time it is booted. This checking may occur before the ZEN application has been able to be pushed out to the workstation. Thus two installs may be run simultaneously.

For details or updates on this tip, see TID-2960601.

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