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Running NetWare DHCP and ZENworks PXE DHCP on the Same Server

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By Patrick Corrigan

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Posted: 14 Nov 2001

By default, a NetWare 5.1 server will not support both the NetWare DHCP server (DHCPSRVR.NLM) and the ZENworks 3.2 PXE proxy DHCP server. In fact, if both are loaded the DHCP server will not be able to hand out addresses. This can be fixed, however, by using components shipped with NetWare 6. These updates should also be supplied with the NetWare 5.1 support pack.

In order to enable PXE Proxy DHCP services on the same server running Novell's DHCP server you must do the following:

Install the DNS-DHCP client from NetWare 6.

Copy DHCPSRVR.NLM, DNIPINST.NLM and NDDPREFS.DAT files from the SYS\SYSTEM directory on the NetWare 6 CD to the SYS:SYSTEM directory on the server. (You might want to back up these files first.)

Using the DNS-DHCP console export the DNS and DHCP records.

Note the NDS locations of the DNS-DHCP locator and group objects and the DNS zone objects.

At the console, load DNIPINST -R to remove DNS, DHCP and related schema extensions.

At the console, load DNIPINST to install the updated DNS-DHCP and schema extensions.

Using the DNS-DHCP console import the DNS and DHCP records.

Using the DNS-DHCP console add Option 60 (global options or subnet) and set the text string to "PXEClient".


If you have not already done so, install ZENworks 3.2 imaging services with PXE support.

Using a text editor make the following changes to SYS:SYSTEM\PDCHP.INI:

Make sure USE_BINL_PORT is set to 1.

Unload and reload PDHCP.NLM.

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