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Installing iFolder on NetWare 5.1

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By Matt French

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Posted: 11 Jul 2002

We've heard from some folks who want to know roughly how long they should expect to spend installing iFolder on NetWare 5.1. Here's the scoop.

The iFolder software only takes about 5-10 minutes to install. If you're also installing SP4 and eDirectory, that will add a bit more time. SP4 should take you around 30 minutes and eDirectory would take another 15 minutes.

To speed things up, you need to decide whether you want to do LDAP over SSL (port 636) or LDAP cleartext (port 389). If the LDAP server is on the same box then LDAP cleartext is fine. If the LDAP server is on a different server than the iFolder server then I would recommend LDAP over SSL.

If you decide to do LDAP cleartext, you need to make sure that you have Clear text password enabled. You can enable this during the install. If you decide to do LDAP over SSL, then you need to have the root certificate of the LDAP server copied over to the iFolder. This is typically in sys:public and is named rootcert.der.

You will also need to know what contexts you want iFolder to search for users.

Here's a Deployment Guide that talks about Deploying iFolder on NetWare, which many people have found very helpful.

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