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Backup iFolder Information on the Server Side

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Posted: 11 Jul 2002

Version: iFolder 1.01

If the iFolder directory is backed up it can be restored so long as the end user's pass phrase has not been changed between the back procedure and when the files are restored. It is important to understand that the user's directories within the IFOLDER server are encrypted. This means you will not be able to restore individual files. You can, however, restore individual accounts.

To do this, login to the iFolder Administration Server at https://DomainOrIPAddress/iFolderServer/Admin. Then go to USER ACCOUNTS. If you hover the mouse over the individual user you are trying to restore, you will notice a HEX number in the status bar at the bottom of the browser. This HEX number is the name of the user's folder under the SYS:/IFOLDER directory. This can then be replaced with a copy from backup, but the pass phrase must be the same at the time of the restore.

For more info, see TID 10068192

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